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Kelley Adams

Full time REALTOR
In 1982 I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Advertising. That was when the choice to answer a simple help wanted ad in the paper began a wonderful odyssey for me. I accepted a position as a girl Friday for a dynamic and very successful realtor in town. We shared a tiny office so I had the opportunity to learn from every conversation that I overheard. The learning was constant, like osmosis, lessons that I carry to this day and that have shaped who I have become. I was involved in many exciting events, including taking part in the genesis of the finest real estate company in Norman, the Dillard Group, still going 30 years strong.

After 10 years of working together, I graduated from OU again and set out to teach ESL and Spanish and later on, raise my daughter. She is in college now, so I am embarking on a new adventure, going full circle back to the Dillard Group to work for my friend and mentor, Charlie Bowline, this time as a realtor.

The prospect of helping families navigate the sometimes confusing and scary process of marketing or finding a home is wildly exciting for me. It is imperative that I serve people in an authentic and upfront manner because that’s who I am. If you and I launch on this real estate journey together, you can expect me to be myself, serving you fully with all that I have to offer.

You can also expect me to be relentless in obtaining every shred of knowledge and wisdom that we will need to reach your real estate goals. At the Dillard Group, I work with a team of accomplished realtors who are always ready to assist each other when needed. If authenticity and competency appeal to you, then call me when you are ready to embark on the real estate journey. Not only will I serve your needs with all that’s in me, we will have fun along the way as well! Let's go home!
Kelley Adams

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